Customer Speak- Bhuvaneswari Industries, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

07-Dec-2017 07:12 am 0

Best price guarantee. Flexible credit cycle

“We have been working with OfBusiness for the last 18 months, for procuring steel plates and structural, the raw material needed for the heavy metal fabrication of boiler components for our orders from BHEL Trichy, Doosan and others. By working directly with the steel manufacturers like SAIL, they are able to give us the best prices for our requirements. We have also availed their purchase financing facility for procuring raw material. OfBusiness’s unsecured credit facility helps us take more orders and grow our business, and at the same time, as it gives us 120 days, it helps us manage the long manufacturing and working capital cycle needed in this industry.”

Mr Sampath,  Bhuvaneswari Industries, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


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