Customer Speak- Rockfort Metal Industries, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu

07-Dec-2017 06:39 am 0

 Most cost-competitive rates for steel. Volume discounts. Flexible payment terms

“OfBusiness has been working in our area of Thuvakudy, Thiruverumbur, Mathur & Valavanthankottai industrial belts and gives most cost-competitive rates for the steel requirements by passing volume discounts which are not available for companies like us. We take raw materials on unsecured line. This 90-day financing matches with my cycle compared to other unsecure term loan products/ private financiers, which are not only more expensive.”

We are a SME based out of Trichy and are into Industrial Fabrication. We manufacture boiler and ancillary parts, primarily for Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd, and a few other companies, including ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd and DOOSAN India.

We have a working capital cycle of 90-120 days covering manufacturing, transport to sites and receipt of payment. For the same, we have have taken an unsecured credit line from OfBusiness, which we use for procuring raw materials from OfBusiness. The best part of this line is that its cost effective and matched to our payments. Several other SMEs have also availed it as OfBusiness has followed a cluster model here in Trichy, Thuvakudy, Thiruverumbur, Mathur & Valavanthankottai industrial belts. This has benefitted a lot of SMEs like me, particularly in industrial steel (structures and plates).

Mr Dilip Kumar, Rockfort Metal Industries, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu

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