Distance/Height measuring instruments

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Skydiver with an Analog Altimeter

A pilot can’t peep through the windows of airplane to measure height; it is very important for them to measure altitude (height above sea level). There are some surprisingly high mountains and other planes to avoid in the sky. It is actually more efficient to fly higher altitudes where the air is thin. There are many other advantages of flying high, but the question is how high they should fly! That’s where the Altimeter comes in use.

Altimeter measures atmospheric pressure and then calculates the height from the recorded pressure. Altimeters are available as Analog and digital within a price range of ₹1000-3000.

Analog Altimeter0-5000mGives the height at that instant only.
Digital Altimeter500-9000m1. forecasting weather (falling pressure at a constant height means stormy weather).
2. Storing the values for a time period and giving a graphical analysis of the same.
3. Giving the instantaneous height.

Some things to remember before using an Altimeter-

  1. Altimeter gives the reading of height according to the changes in the Atmospheric pressure. So, you need to calibrate the instrument at a known height.
  2. If the descent or  the ascent is very rapid then it takes some time for altimeter to stabilize to the correct height. So, you need to wait some seconds before you get the correct reading.
HTC-LD-02-Laser Distance Meter(100m)

Laser distance meter – It sends out a highly focussed beam of laser light and the laser pulse meter detects the reflected light and the nanoseconds it took to return. Thus, it is a highly accurate distance measurement device. But as the distance increases in the range of a few kilo-meters the light disperses and thus, there is a limit to the range of the Laser distance meter. One of the biggest advantage in using a laser distance meter is it’s high accuracy and that the distance is always measured along a line. Using a laser distance meter, you can not only calculate the distance but also areas and volumes as the unit inside it knows Pythagoras.

The reflectivity of the material also plays a part in determining the accuracy of the instrument. Some of the advanced Laser distance meters can also measure the distances between a stationary and moving object.

The range varies with the price and you can get up to 100 m of range (for around ₹9000) with (+/-)2 mm of accuracy.

There are many reasons why you should change your big tape measuring instruments for a Laser distance meter like the ability to work using a single hand and it being a much quicker instrument to measure.

If you are new to laser distance measurement instrument, you should know that-

  1. If you are to work in an outside environment then you will not be able to spot the laser point, after a few meters. So, a digital point finder becomes a requirement.
  2. On many construction sites, it is almost impossible to find a level ground. So, tapes and other measuring instrument give huge errors. Using a Laser distance meter with a tilt sensor, you can also measure through pellets and even people as it measures distances along with the angles and subtracts it down to the level ground distance.


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Distance/Height measuring instruments
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