Small Business Loans by OfBusiness

04-Dec-2017 11:19 am 0

OfBusiness helps you get a loan amount as per your financial credibility with an option to pay the interest on the amount borrowed. The unsecured credit line is up to 2crores which helps the business grow in a short term.

Small business loan by OfBusiness are collateral-free, which translates to no personal/ business assets on stake for qualifying for the loan. As a result, with collateral-free loans, funding is much faster and requires only minimal documentation.

Whether it is a new vertical or existing business expansion, small business loans for finance are provided by OfBusiness. Now-a-days, SME’s and MSME’s can aim growth as long as they use the small business loans wisely.

Small Business loans by OfBusiness have a business loan credit facility, also known as ‘flexi line’. Line of Credit is a unique credit facility given to SME’s, wherein approval for certain limit of credit/ loan is given for a particular duration. The monthly installment for Line of Credit will consist only of the interest amount and will not have a principal component on a monthly basis. The principal amount of loan is to be repaid at the end of the tenure of the facility acting as a saving for cash flows.

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