5 Indian SMEs that have shone in the global market

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Most of us agree that SMEs are a crucial force in economic growth, employment and innovation worldwide. Yet the road to success is tough and paved with struggle. It is tough for them to simultaneously grow, cover costs, and pay bills. But here are some of the small businesses that made it big have made our country proud.

1. Omni United Pvt. Ltd. – G.S.Sareen, studied statistics from Bhopal. He  started and sold mindtrac.com (the first B2B online marketplace for tire industry). His knowledge of trading ventures from Asia and US helped him in doing so. Omni United Pvt. Ltd., hailed as the ‘IKEA of Tires’, is his third business venture. It manufactures and distributes tires in partnership with manufacturers. Omni United owns brands like Radar and Corsa and is partnered up in US, China, India, Indonesia and Thailand. The distribution, however, is done in 80 countries with more than 6.5 million units sold till date.Omni united also partnered in ‘Mobilizing Hope’ campaign to contribute towards Breast cancer research.

2. Cobra Beer– Cobra Beer was started by Karan Bilimoria with £20,000 in debt in 1989. He had graduated from Cambridge law school and was 27 at that time. Bilimoria was drinking beer when he came up with the idea that “Let’s make a Beer that can appeal to both lager and ale drinkers alike”. The British lager at the time was too harsh and didn’t go with every cuisine. Ale on the other side was very bitter and heavy with food.” Therefore, Cobra Beers-Refreshment of lager with the smoothness of ale. Cobra Beer has won 78 Gold Medals at the international Monde Selection awards and is one of the most awarded beer of all.

3. Technofab–  An engineering and construction company that serves power, industrial and infrastructure sectors. Their project categories include industrial piping systems, fuel oil, fire detection systems, wastewater treatment and recycling systems and plant and rural electrification/transmission/distribution. It serves customers outside India including countries in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia. They were listed in Forbes Top 200 under a billion dollars Companies in Asia but they Have secured and is executing assignments worth over Rs. 1.3 billion in the field of nuclear power.

4. GPT Infraprojects– They had humble beginnings as “Tantia Concrete Products Limited” and manufactured PSC sleepers for Indian Railways. In 1999, It received first international foray from Bangladesh railways. Then they went to Myanmar, Mozambique, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Namibia. They also perform emergency rehabilitation and do various railway related infrastructure projects. Currently, they have a revenue of more than 500 crores and have many manufacturing facilities in various countries like South Africa. Recently, they bagged orders worth Rs. 247 cr. from GMR Infrastructure. They went where no one else wanted to. They target specific markets where their business will definitely flourish. They truly deserve who they are.

5. Prime International India– During early 1990’s Prime International made a simple start and then eventually became a full-fledged goat leather tannery and started providing to the domestic markets. In 2001, it made its first joint venture with Italian fashion tannery “Conceria Antiba”. It has expanded from a 20,000 sq. meters production facility to currently about making 950,000 sq. meters of Goat leathers. In 2007, Prime made a strategic joint venture with “Conceria Sciarada Spa, Italy” in the name of “SCINTAN INDIA PVT LTD” to produce fashionable split suedes. In 2012, Prime went on to have another joint venture with “Conceria Cristina Spa, Italy”, another Italian fashion house under the name of “CRISTINA TANNERY INDIA PVT LTD”. The tannery, situated in Ranipet, houses state of the art machinery and be able to produce about 500,000 sq. meters annually. These people made it big at times when there were little or no initiatives by the government for SMEs. Right now, many companies like google are helping as well as many governments like Scotland and Britain. Even our government have taken many initiatives to help SMEs grow. Many companies like OfBusiness are bringing the advantage of years of experience, technology and even credit to SMEs doorsteps.

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5 Indian SMEs that have shone in the global market
Most of us agree that SMEs are a crucial force in economic growth, employment and innovation worldwide. Yet the road to success is tough and paved with struggle.

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