Unsecured Business Loans

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Unsecured business loans are applied for expanding businesses, addition of new product lines etc. and availing an unsecured business loan will make it simpler

An unsecured business loan primarily doesn’t require any collateral or security. Also unsecured business loans are small business loans. They are usually for shorter duration (up to 120days). Short-term loans are usually used for short-term working capital for a business temporarily in need of cash. These loans may be based upon seasonal fluctuations, and other short-term problems that a business may encounter. Usually, these loans complete within an year.
Unsecured loans from OfBusiness have better savings as they have competitive interest rates which helps the SME’s to flourish better. Also, if the SME’s opt for raw material fulfillment they would save huge on aggregated raw materials.

Unsecured business loans are largely provided by financial institutions like NBFCs to businesses across India. Apart from banks and NBFCs, there are a large number of private lenders and private financers who provide unsecured business loans

The important feature of these unsecured business loans is that they are hassle free along with fast approvals and are with minimal documentation.

Fill in your requirement on our application form (hyperlink) for an unsecured business loans and its competitive benefits.

Benefits of Unsecured business loans from OfBusiness:

  • Hassle free documentation & quick processing
  • Competitive SME Loan interest rates
  • Business Loans without collateral security
  • Business loans without security of up to 2 crores
  • Business loans without security for a wide range of businesses and purposes.
  • Business loans without security tenure ranging till 120 days
  • Flexible and customized loan payment options

Getting unsecured loans tips and tricks

  • Appropriate estimate of the working capital is key
  • Credibility / CIBIL score is a scorer while applying for a loan. Ensure that to get an unsecured loans, one is cautious about all of these.

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