5 Advantages of Plastic Packaging

12-Aug-2016 05:26 am 0

A lot has been said about the advantages and disadvantages of different types plastic packaging. In fact, opinion is mainly skewed towards the disadvantages of plastic packaging. Yes, plastic poses a threat to the environment, but it is not always the worst choice from an environmental point of view. Let’s take a step back and weigh the benefits of plastic packaging.


  • The biggest advantage of plastic is that it can be molded into any shape. No wonder when it comes to plastic packaging, the options are endless – pouches, containers, flow wraps, films, trays, shells and so on. Due to this very versatility, it is widely used by manufacturers to package their products. When compared to other options like glass packaging or metal packaging, plastic scores higher on this aspect.


  • Be it perishable items like food or fragile items like electronics, it is very important for the packaging to be durable so that it withstands the wear and tear of production and transportation. Plastic can be as sturdy as steel, and can help ensure that the product is safely delivered from the manufacturer to the consumer.


  • Another key factor that works in favour of plastic is that it is very light. Other forms of packaging are on an average around 4.5 times heavier than plastic. Thus transportation of goods become less cumbersome with plastic packaging.


  • Contrary to popular opinion, plastic can be recycled too. If we are to look at facts, glass is recycled less when compared to plastic packaging. This is because the recycling process for glass consumes more energy. Meanwhile, plastic uses up only 10 percent of the energy required to produce new plastic.

Cost effectiveness

  • Plastic packaging comes very cheap so it doesn’t add much to the total cost of a. Additionally, manufacturers and distributors can save a lot on transportation costs due to its light weight – be it while transporting it to consumers, or sending it to recycling centers.


  • Plastic boasts of resistant properties, which is especially a boon for the food industry. It protects food from spoilage by keeping excess air and moisture out, thus keeping the freshness intact.

True, there are questions around the safety of plastic usage, since it is a toxic product. However, eliminating plastic from the packaging business doesn’t look possible. So it is important for governments to invest in developing more environment-friendly plastic, which would help minimize the health hazards associated with it.



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