A Brief about Colled Rolled Steel

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Cold rolled steel is produced below its recrystallization temperature, it’s generally close to room temperature. Since cold rolled steel is produced at a lower temperature, there will be no shrinking or change in the appearance. Since it is rolled at a lower temperature, the strength of the finished products increases through the use of strain hardening by approx. 20%. CR steel surface is the grey that feels smooth to touch. CR process creates a finished product that is more precise dimensionally as compared to HR products where precise dimension doesn’t matter much.

What are the mechanical properties of cold rolled steel?

The tensile and yielding strength of cold rolled steel is always higher than hot rolled steel; this makes cold rolled less likely to break under pressure. One can distinguish cold rolled steel by the following characteristics:

  • CR steel has better and more finished surface
  • Oily to touch and smooth surface
  • Often has precise dimension

Where is cold rolled steel used?

Cold rolled steel is preferred in the machining space where the quality of the steel is a crucial factor for the final product, and the appearance of the steel is one of the important factors. Cold rolled steel have dimensional preciseness compared to hot rolled steel; It can be used in precision applications.


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