A Quick Guide To Buying Cement

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We can’t thank Isaac Charles Johnson enough for making the first modern Portland cement, similar to those used today. Cement is the most important raw materials used in the construction industry. Apart from choosing the best cement brands for your construction job, you should also know some important things before you buy cement online.

The most common types of cement available in India

Cement TypeIndian StandardInitial Setting Time, mints (min.)Final Setting Time, mints (max.) Application
53 Grade OPCIS: 12269-198730600Used for multi-story buildings, bridges, and tall structures. It gets strength and speeds up construction.
43 Grade OPCIS: 8112-198930600Used for structural works, precast items etc., and its strength development is faster than PPC.
PPCIS:1489,P130600Useful for general construction works such as plastering, finishing works, marine work, mass concrete work, RCC work in residential & construction.

Physical properties

When you insert your hand into the cement bag, it should feel cool. Cement should settle down when dropped in a bucket of water; it shouldn’t float on water surface. The cement should feel smooth when touched. If it feels rough, it indicates adulteration of the cement. Colour of cement doesn’t affect its strength. It depends on the raw material used while manufacturing.

You can check the quality and quantity yourself

  • Cement bag should be machine stitched and made of polypropylene.
  • The bag should have Indian Standards mark, a number to which it conforms, weight, and licence no.
  • The ideal colour of cement is grey; it should be consistent.
  • Cement bag should display the weight of the bag.
  • Check the manufacturing week and the year on the bag. The bags shouldn’t be older than 6 weeks from the date of manufacturing.
  • Use only ISI certified cement for construction purposes.

There is a variety of cement manufacturers on the market, and with all of these choices to make, buying the right cement can be a bit exhausting task. This buying guide helps you find the best cement for your next project. You can buy all types of construction items on our online store.

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A Quick Guide To Buying Cement
Do you want to buy cement online? If yes, you'll need a quick buying guide that can help you find the best quality cement with ease.

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  1. I didn’t realize that the color of the cement doesn’t affect it’s strength. I can see why some people might be used to a certain kind of cement and be hesitant to buy one that is a different color. My parents are wanting to redo the fence in their backyard. They want to tear out all of the posts and put new ones in. Their plan is to put cement in the bottom so that they stay strong. I’ll have to make sure they are aware of this when they go to buy the need tools.

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