Earthquake Resistant Building Material for your Home

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An earthquake can bring devastation and ruin your entire property. This is why precautions need to be taken if you are living in an earthquake prone zone. You need to first of all conduct research on the past earthquake occurrences in your area in order to understand what kind of material you will be purchasing to protect your home. Many people move to different states and buy a home without realizing that the home does not have any material to defend against natural phenomenon and this is why they have remodeled everything from the beginning. Some things that you can easily incorporate into your home to shield your property have been provided in detail below.

Isolation Pads for the Base

If you can you should try to make sure that any new construction in your home is conducted on isolation pads. These pads are created from rubber or lead, combined together with some layers of steel connected in between the foundation and the base of your house. The isolation pads help greatly because they shake, but they keep the house stable or still. You will only feel some vibrations, but your home will remain sturdy if the pads are inserted properly. Multi-level or high rise buildings incorporate these pads to avoid high costs of reconstruction after disaster strikes.

Material: Wood, Steel, Brick, etc.

The material that you use to make your home plays a vital role because some materials withstand vibrations much better than others. For example, wood will definitely damage during an earthquake, but when you use concrete for framing the building or home, then you will face fewer problems in the long run. The main point is to construct a strong frame, so everything inside is secure. If you have a home that is made of wood and you do don’t have the cash to remodel, then just take care of bolting down the foundations as a force from natural occurrences can cause your home to move. Sometimes even minimal shifts can lead to great structural destruction. With concrete, reinforce your home with extra steel or slabs for ultimate protection.

Height of Your Home

When purchasing a home in a high-risk area for earthquakes, you should consider the height of the home. Multi-story houses can survive an earthquake, but they will require more reinforcement such as isolation pads and steel. Thus, single story homes are better as they tend to survive or face minimal damage when the structure is forcefully moved.

Some other things to keep in mind is to ensure that the roof is make from aluminum or metal, so that if some weight such as a tree falls on your home you are protect by the frame. Not only that, but the things inside your home also important so make sure that you store your valuables in a matted rubber box or a sturdy location. Take the time to think things through before an unexpected earthquake comes your way and destroys your property.


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