Prevent Corrosion in Sea Structures

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Corrosion is a slow process by which metal gets rusted with time due to humidity in the air. The metal, as a result, becomes brittle and falls apart. Corrosion can happen anywhere but near sea shores and places where these are more humidity in the air the process is faster. Learn how to prevent corrosion in sea structures.

Corrosion in Sea Structures

This corrosion happens on metal parts that are near the sea or the off-shore platforms that are placed in the sea. Any metal must be protected so that it does not corrode.

The areas that are directly exposed to the water are fitted with sacrificial anodes so that the corrosion can be minimized  A non-ferrous substance is used to spray on this metal so that these can be protected. On the production decks, in oil platform paint is applied to prevent corrosion. The production deck is in constant touch with seawater and due to people working on them regularly, the corrosion is more here.

The paints that are used are mostly zinc based. Rubber binding compounds are also used wherever possible to ensure that the corrosion is minimised. Supervision on the off-shore decks is very important.

With technology more and more methods are being invented to protect the steel plates and avoid corrosion in the off-shore plants. Spraying molten aluminium on the platforms can ensure that there is not much corrosion that happens. The steel that is used to build these platforms are mild steel rolled plates that are tubular in shape are attached together by welding these avoid corrosion and helps in the better maintenance of the platform.


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