Steel Recycling and How Businesses are Using It

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Steel is the world’s most recycled material; it can be recycled continually with no deterioration in performance. The world recycling rate of steel is approx. 88% while India’s recycling rate is less than 20 percent. Recycling steel has been accepted as a tenable business model generating revenue while saving the environment and a lot of energy.

Businesses Using Recycled Steel

Not everybody knows, but the fact is all of the steel that’s manufactured today across the world uses some form of steel that has been recycled. For instance, the gas stove you buy is mostly made of recycled steel.

Some of the products that are produced with recycled steel include:

  • Vehicles
  • Utility poles
  • Construction materials
  • Bridges
  • Household appliances
  • Industrial tools

Environmental Benefits of Recycling Steel

A tremendous amount of energy is saved every time scrap metal is recycled and reused.  According to some studies, almost 55% energy is saved by using recycled steel and approx. Some of the best advantages of recycling steel include a reduction in the use of limestone, coal, and iron. Every time a ton of steel is recycled, 54 kg of limestone, 635 kg of coal and 1200 kg of iron ore are saved.

The best part of recycling steel is that it never loses any of its strength and quality when recycled. Sometimes raw materials are mixed during the manufacturing process, nevertheless, the primary use of recycled steel makes the process of manufacturing residential, construction, and industrial products environment-friendly and cost-effective.

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