Structural Steel for Strong and Durable Construction

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Steel and iron are essential elements in every construction which strengthen the structure and make it capable of standing in harsh weather and destructive forces of nature. Beams, channels, and angles are the most important reinforcement required in every construction. They are used in building beams, pillars, and roof, which must withstand the load of the whole construction.

Steel is very crucial because of its features like flexibility, being rust proof, and strength to weight ratio. Whether it’s a high-rise building or long pipelines, it is almost impossible to imagine any construction without steel.

Structural Steel is a framework material mostly used in non-residential buildings. Beams and columns are the skeletons of a building which support the complete structure. Angle iron is used in buildings and bridges as a structural element.

Structural Steel: Basis of every high-rise structure

Those high-rise buildings you see doesn’t only require mortar and brick. The most important factor that adds strength to skyscrapers is structural steel. In fact, it is the framework which holds the whole structure. Columns and beams are the members that support each part of the structure. The steel materials that are required in every type of construction are categorised under steel sections, steel coils, steel pipes, steel sheets, steel plates etc. The steel sections include a wide variety of mild steel products like I-beam, H-beams, Angles, and steel channels. Angle iron is used in a variety of applications such as building structures, factories’ frameworks etc. Signal towers and transmission towers also use angle iron in its construction.

These beams have excellent bending capabilities which make for simple and cost-effective construction. The European I – beam is called IPE having parallel flange surface. These are available in various sizes and find application in construction industries. They can be used both as columns and beams with composite materials like concrete. IPE is a section of long steel. It has architectural and mechanical applications like bridges, buildings, automobiles, etc.

Another type of structural steel, a flat bar is also a crucial element used for building frames, fabrication, and structuring. They can be easily cut and welded as they are made of mild steel. They are mainly used in making machinery, furniture, towers, machine parts, and other similar structures. H-beam is used in many types of construction projects including high-rise building, factories etc. These beams come with outstanding bending capabilities which are generally used in simple and cost-effective construction.

The many functions of structural steel and angle steel

Steel channels are used for various purposes, including vehicles, industrial structures etc. Commercial and industrial buildings experience heavy footfall and therefore are built with structural steel and reinforced concrete. There are a lot of things that need to be considered while buying structural steel. One of the controlling factors is cost, but durability, sustainability, fire resistance, and strength are also some of the desired attributes.

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