The Different Types of Steel & Iron Pipes for Construction

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Every year builders and home owners invest a large proportion of capital on pipes while designing water supply distribution system. There are many types of pipes and each type is used for specific purpose; we help you find the most suitable one.

Cast Iron Pipes

The most commonly used pipe in water distribution system is cast iron pipe because they are comparatively cheaper, corrosion resistant, and durable. Cast iron pipes have fine grained structure and equal thickness that’s why they are widely used.

Stainless Steel Pipes

Generally, steel pipes are suggested when pipes are subjected to high pressure (above 7kg/cm2). They are also used because they are lighter and stronger as compared to cast iron pipes.  SS pipes are not used widely as they are more expensive and not that easily available. Stainless steel pipes are mainly used in marine environments because it can resist salt water, which would dissolve other metal pipes. Stainless steel pipes are less desirable because they are high in price.

Galvanized Iron Pipes

These pipes are wrought steel pipes coated with zinc. They are generally used for water supply within the building. They are available in light, medium and heavy grades depending on the thickness of the metal. Thickness for a 15 mm galvanized pipe are 2.0 (light grade), 2.65 (medium grade), and 3.25 (heavy grade). Medium grade pipes are generally used for internal plumbing and they are now being used for supply of cold water in internal as well as external plumbing work. These pipes are now being replaced by the less expensive PEX pipe.

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The Different Types of Steel & Iron Pipes for Construction
Every year builders invest a large proportion of capital to design water supply distribution system. Builders use various types of pipe materials including steel and iron pipes for the purpose.

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